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Sunprints in the Classroom

Tags: , — 4:51 pm

Thanks to my little brother, I had the opportunity to do a Sunprint project with the fourth and fifth grade gifted and talented class at Hidden Valley Elementary School in Martinez, California. It was both a lot of fun and a huge challenge!

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The Arthur Mosaic

Tags: , — 4:40 pm

The idea behind the project was to use small (4”x4”) Sunprint papers to create a larger image that you could see from a distance, but not up close.

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Natural Shadows

On three different days, I took several sheets of Sunprint paper (in the black plastic bag), a piece of acrylic, cardboard, and tape, and went for walks up in the hills around the Lawrence Hall of Science. My goal was to take advantage of some of the beautiful shadows that are cast naturally outside.

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