Sunprint Kits

What will you do with your Sunprint Kits?

Sunprint paper is a medium as versatile as your imagination. Little or big? Single objects or intricate arrangements? Each size will stimulate your creativity in a different way.

Sunprint Kit

The Sunprint Kit is perfect for featuring single, small objects. The compact, square size makes experimentation easy, encourages grouping of prints, and is perfect for origami.

Super Sunprint Kit

The larger size offers a more flexible canvas to paint with thoughts and things. Print larger objects or make a scene, diorama or more elaborate works of art.

Master Sheets

Do you have an idea that is just too big for the smaller sizes? 24″ x 36″ sheets are now available.

Purchase Sunprint Kits
Sunprint Kit

Sunprint Kit

contains 12 4″x4″ sheets and an acrylic overlay

Sunprint Refills

Sunprint Refill

contains 12 4″x4″ sheets

Sunprint Super Kit

Super Sunprint Kit

contains 15 8″x12″ sheets and an acrylic overlay

Sunprint Super Kit Refills

Super Sunprint Refill

contains 15 8″x12″ sheets

Sunprint Uncut sheets

Master Sheets

24″ x 36″ sheets

To order, please call 510-642-1016.