You can do a lot with Sunprint Kits!

Here are instructions for some of our favorite things to do with Sunprint Kits. You can use Sunprint paper to make unique images, of course, but you can also use it for craft projects, or its light-registering property for scientific investigation.

Click on the link for an instruction sheet in PDF format. Some of the activities have been featured in the blog, as well. Click the blog link to see them in action.

Art Activities

Sunprint Origami

Take your origami to the next level with Sunprint paper. Blog

Moire Patterns

Create eye-twisting patterns with transparencies.

Wrinkled Sunprint Paper

Crumpling. Light and shadow. Maps and faces.

Science Activities

Sunscreen Experiment

Measure the effectiveness of different sunscreen PDFs.

Magnetic Field Prints

Take pictures of magnetic fields using iron filings.

Sun Trail Experiment

Chart the sun’s progress through the sky.