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Darwin Sunprint Collages

Tags: , — 4:53 pm

Because of bones’ three-dimensional qualities, transparencies placed underneath them still show up. Along with these, we used the drawings and notes of Charles Darwin to create Sunprint collages.

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Haeckel’s Radiolarians Mobile

Tags: , — 5:50 pm

Ernst Haeckel was a German biologist and artist. The stunning drawings from his 1862 Monograph on Radiolarians have inspired everything from lamps to large scale architecture, and we decided to use them to make a mobile.

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Computation-Making art out of art

Tags: , — 12:11 pm

Jared Tarbell is an artist who “write[s] computer programs to create graphic images.” I made prints of the computation images, and the results were striking. Be sure to check him out at

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