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Moiré Patterns

Tags: , , — 9:19 am

Recreate scintillating moiré patterns in two dimensions.

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Computation-Making art out of art

Tags: , — 12:11 pm

Jared Tarbell is an artist who “write[s] computer programs to create graphic images.” I made prints of the computation images, and the results were striking. Be sure to check him out at

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The Arthur Mosaic

Tags: , — 4:40 pm

The idea behind the project was to use small (4”x4”) Sunprint papers to create a larger image that you could see from a distance, but not up close.

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Astronomy Photography

Tags: , — 6:16 pm

The cool thing about Sunprint paper is that it catches every detail of the pictures you transfer, so even if you lose the color of the photo, you still get all the small parts, which make the resulting picture just as beautiful as the original.

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